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  2. Cost Estimation: Worried about the cost of appliance repair? We provide you with insights into the typical expenses associated with fixing common appliance problems. Knowing what to expect financially can help you plan your budget effectively.
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Refrigerator Repair

Common Appliances and Repair Costs by Santa Rosa Pros

Here are the detailed information about common appliance repairs in Santa Rosa, California, and estimate the costs of professional repairs for each of the following products:


  • Common Repairs: In Santa Rosa, common oven and range issues include faulty heating elements, malfunctioning thermostats, burner problems, and oven door seal issues.
  • Cost Estimates:
    • Heating Element Replacement: $150 – $300
    • Thermostat Repair/Replacement: $100 – $200
    • Burner Repair/Replacement: $75 – $150 per burner
    • Oven Door Seal Replacement: $50 – $100
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  • Common Repairs: Common dishwasher problems in Santa Rosa may involve clogged spray arms, water inlet valve issues, pump and motor malfunctions, and door seal leaks.
  • Cost Estimates:
    • Spray Arm Replacement: $50 – $100
    • Water Inlet Valve Replacement: $75 – $150
    • Pump and Motor Repair/Replacement: $150 – $300
    • Door Seal Replacement: $75 – $150

Washing Machines and Dryers:

  • Common Repairs: Residents of Santa Rosa often encounter washing machine problems like clogged drain pumps, damaged belts, and faulty control boards. Dryer issues may include heating element problems, motor issues, and vent blockages.
  • Cost Estimates:
    • Drain Pump Replacement (Washer): $75 – $150
    • Belt Replacement (Washer/Dryer): $50 – $100
    • Control Board Repair/Replacement (Washer): $100 – $200
    • Heating Element Replacement (Dryer): $100 – $200
    • Motor Repair/Replacement (Dryer): $150 – $300
    • Vent Cleaning (Dryer): $75 – $150
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  • Common Repairs: Refrigerator issues in Santa Rosa often revolve around thermostat problems, compressor failures, condenser coil issues, and door seal leaks.
  • Cost Estimates:
    • Thermostat Repair/Replacement: $100 – $200
    • Compressor Replacement: $300 – $600
    • Condenser Coil Cleaning/Replacement: $100 – $200
    • Door Seal Replacement: $75 – $150

Please note that these cost estimates are approximate and can vary based on the specific brand, model, and severity of the problem. Labor costs and parts prices can also influence the overall repair expense. To get an accurate quote for your appliance repair in Santa Rosa, it’s advisable to contact a local professional who can assess the issue and provide a detailed cost estimate tailored to your situation.

DIY Appliance Repair

Here are common DIY repair solutions for each of the mentioned appliances along with instructions:

Dishwashers – Clogged Spray Arm:

  • Problem: If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes properly, a clogged spray arm may be the culprit.
  • DIY Fix:
    1. Start by removing the lower rack to access the spray arm.
    2. Check for any debris or food particles that might be blocking the spray arm’s holes.
    3. Use a pipe cleaner or a small, soft brush to clear the clogs. Be gentle to avoid damaging the spray arm.
    4. Once cleaned, reattach the spray arm and lower rack.
    5. Run a cycle to see if the problem is resolved. If not, consider seeking professional help for further diagnosis.
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Refrigerators – Door Seal Replacement:

  • Problem: A damaged or torn door seal can cause your refrigerator to lose cooling efficiency.
  • DIY Fix:
    1. Purchase a replacement door seal that matches the make and model of your refrigerator.
    2. Carefully remove the old door seal by gently peeling it off from the door frame. Be cautious not to damage the frame.
    3. Clean the area where the old seal was attached to remove any adhesive residue.
    4. Align the new door seal along the door frame, ensuring it fits snugly.
    5. Press the seal firmly into place, starting from one corner and working your way around.
    6. Use a hairdryer to gently heat the seal, which will help it conform to the door frame.
    7. Close the refrigerator door and let the seal set for a few hours before checking for proper sealing.

Washing Machines – Clogged Drain Pump:

  • Problem: If your washing machine isn’t draining properly, a clogged drain pump may be the issue.
  • DIY Fix:
    1. Unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet and disconnect the water supply.
    2. Locate the drain pump, usually at the front or bottom of the machine.
    3. Place a shallow container or towel underneath the pump to catch any water.
    4. Remove the pump’s access panel or cover (this may require a screwdriver).
    5. Check for debris, such as lint, coins, or small objects, clogging the pump.
    6. Carefully remove the obstruction, taking care not to damage the pump’s impeller.
    7. Reassemble the access panel and plug the washing machine back in.
    8. Run a short cycle to ensure proper drainage. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

Remember, safety should always come first when attempting DIY appliance repairs. If you have any doubts or concerns, or if the issue is beyond your comfort level, it’s best to contact a qualified appliance repair company in Santa Rosa for expert assistance.

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5517 Old Redwood Hwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

321 W 8th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Richard’s Appliance Service

575 Jean Marie Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Applance Parts Repair of Santa Rosa CA

618 5th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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