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Expert Appliance Repair: Your Gas Stove and Range Repair Specialist

Expert Appliance Repair is your go-to platform, connecting you with a network of specialized companies that master the art and technicality of repairing Gas Stoves and Ranges. With partners experienced in handling major oven brands like GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Hotpoint, Whirlpool, and several others, we navigate you through the maze of finding expert repair services tailored to your needs.

How We Assist:

  • Connecting with Repair Professionals: We match you with our partner companies to ensure that your gas stove or range is repaired by specialists, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Cost Calculation: Our platform helps estimate the potential cost of various repairs, providing a preliminary idea before connecting with a professional.
  • Service Explanation: We demystify the repair service processes, ensuring transparency and clarity on what to expect during the repair.
  • Cost Query Resolution: Transparently addressing the pivotal question – “How much does professional gas stove and gas range repairs cost?”.
Professional Same Day Appliance Service

Common Gas Stove and Range Repair Needs and Costs:

1. Ignition Issues:

  • Description: Difficulty in igniting the burner or it not lighting at all.
  • Rough Estimate: $150 – $250 depending on parts and labor.

2. Uneven Heating or Weak Flame:

  • Description: The burner flame is too low or inconsistently heating.
  • Rough Estimate: $170 – $380, considering possible line cleaning or part replacement.

3. Oven Not Heating:

  • Description: The oven doesn’t heat or doesn’t reach the desired temperature.
  • Rough Estimate: $180 – $400 depending on whether thermostat or igniter replacement is needed.

4. Gas Leak:

  • Description: A subtle smell of gas when the appliance is in use or off.
  • Rough Estimate: $190 – $350, subject to complexity and whether parts like valves need replacement. Note: Gas leaks are serious; ensure to shut off the gas and call professionals immediately.

5. Control Board Issues:

  • Description: The oven’s control board is malfunctioning or displaying errors.
  • Rough Estimate: $260 – $350 for part and labor.

6. Door Repair:

  • Description: The oven door doesn’t seal or won’t close properly.
  • Rough Estimate: $130 – $320 depending on the complexity of the repair and parts needed.

7. Burner Won’t Turn Off:

  • Description: A persistent burner that won’t switch off.
  • Rough Estimate: $130 – $250, potentially involving switch replacement.

Note: These rough estimates vary by region, specific model, and part availability. Always request an official quote from the repair professional.

Gas Stove Repair

The Expert Appliance Repair Promise:

Seamless Connection: Navigate through our platform to seamlessly connect with appliance repair experts, ensuring that your gas stove and range are in the adept hands of specialists.

Transparent Communication: Obtain a thorough understanding and clear insights into the repair services, ensuring that you are well-informed of the processes and costs involved.

Empower Your Decision: With clear cost estimates and breakdowns, we empower you with information to make an informed decision that aligns with your requirements and budget.

Partner with Expert Appliance Repair today for a smooth, transparent, and proficient gas stove and range repair experience. And let us ensure that you enjoy a safe, efficient, and long-lasting appliance service at your fingertips.

Feel free to reach out to us for any further assistance or queries. Together, let’s cook up satisfaction with every repair!


All cost estimates provided above are rough approximations and may not reflect the actual repair costs. Actual costs may vary based on location, technician’s pricing, and parts needed for repair. Always seek a professional quote before proceeding with service.

For an accurate quote or repair booking, Contact Us.

Popular Gas Stove and Gas Range Brands to Repair:

DIY Trouble Shooting (and Fixing) Common Gas Stove Problems

2 Common Gas Stove Problems with DIY Solutions:

1. Burner Won’t Light

  • Problem: You turn the knob to ignite the burner, but it doesn’t light, or you may hear continuous clicking without ignition.
  • Possible Causes: Food debris blocking the igniter, a wet igniter, or a malfunctioning igniter.

DIY Troubleshooting & Solutions:

  • Clean the Igniter: Food spills might be blocking the igniter. Gently clean around the igniter with a toothbrush and remove any debris.
  • Dry the Igniter: If it’s wet, give it enough time to dry thoroughly. You can also speed up the process by using a hairdryer.
  • Check the Burner Cap: Ensure that the burner cap is properly aligned and seated in its right position.
  • Examine the Igniter: Ensure it produces a spark when turned on. If not, the igniter might need replacement, which may require professional service.

Note: Always ensure that the gas is turned off when cleaning the stove components and allow it to dry properly before attempting to light it again.

Appliance Repair

2. Uneven Flame or Yellow Flame

  • Problem: The burner flame is uneven, too low, too high, or displays a yellow color instead of a steady blue flame.
  • Possible Causes: Blocked burner ports or an improper air to gas ratio.

DIY Troubleshooting & Solutions:

  • Clean the Burner Ports: Use a metal pin or paper clip to gently clear each burner port of any food particles or debris that may be obstructing the gas flow.
  • Check the Air Shutter: The air shutter, located where the burner tube meets the range, might require adjustment to optimize the air-to-gas ratio. To adjust, loosen its screw, adjust the shutter to achieve a steady blue flame, and then retighten the screw.
  • Verify Gas Pressure: Sometimes, low gas pressure can cause a yellow flame. You may need a professional to check the gas pressure if other solutions do not resolve the issue.

Note: If you’re uncomfortable or unsure about adjusting the air shutter or gas pressure, it’s advisable to call in a professional technician to avoid any potential risks.

Safety First!

While DIY solutions can be cost-effective and quick, always prioritize safety. If at any point you feel unsure or unsafe, or the problem persists, shut off the gas supply, and consult a professional. Understanding the limitations of DIY repairs is crucial to avoiding hazards and ensuring the longevity of your appliance. Always refer to your appliance’s manual for specific guidelines and warnings.

If you’re in need of professional assistance, connect with Expert Appliance Repair and our network of experienced technicians to ensure safe and precise repair services. Together, let’s ensure your culinary adventures are safe and uninterrupted!

Commercial Gas Stove Repair Service

Elevate Your Restaurant with Our Expert Commercial Gas Stove Repairs!

In the bustling heart of every successful culinary establishment lies a reliable and efficient kitchen. At Expert Appliance Repair, we ensure that your commercial gas stoves never let you down in those peak hours of service. Our network of adept technicians specializes in catering to the unique, high-demand needs of commercial appliances, ensuring minimized downtime and maximized productivity. From renowned restaurants, bustling cafeterias, to tranquil cafes, we fortify the backbone of your culinary ventures with swift, proficient, and durable repair solutions. Unleash the unrestrained potential of your culinary creations by ensuring your commercial gas stoves are always in prime condition with our expert repair services. Taste success with every repair; let’s cook up brilliance together!

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