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  1. Do-It-Yourself Solutions: We offer a wealth of tips and resources for those DIY enthusiasts who prefer tackling appliance repairs themselves. Our comprehensive guides cover a wide range of common appliance issues, empowering you to troubleshoot and fix problems with confidence.
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  4. Common Appliance Repairs: We specialize in repairing a wide array of household appliances, including:
    • Ovens: Whether your oven isn’t heating properly or has temperature control issues, we have solutions to address your concerns.
    • Dishwashers: From leaks and drainage problems to unusual noises, our guides can help you troubleshoot dishwasher issues.
    • Washer and Dryers: Learn how to identify and fix common washer and dryer problems like drum issues, drainage problems, or electrical malfunctions.
    • Refrigerators: Keep your food fresh by resolving common refrigerator issues such as temperature fluctuations, leaks, or compressor problems.
  5. Popular Brands: Our services cater to a variety of appliance brands, ensuring you have access to the information and assistance you need for your specific equipment. Some of the popular brands we cover include Amana, Electrolux, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, JennAir, and Maytag.
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Common Appliances and Repair Costs by San Bernardino Pros

Below is detailed information about common appliance repairs in San Bernardino, California, along with estimated costs for professional repairs for each of the following products:

1. Ovens/Ranges:

  • Common Repairs:
    • Oven not heating: This can be due to a faulty heating element, igniter, or thermostat, which may need replacement.
    • Uneven cooking: Issues with temperature calibration or a malfunctioning thermostat may cause uneven cooking.
    • Gas range issues: Problems with gas igniters, burners, or valves can lead to ignition problems or uneven flames.
  • Estimated Professional Repair Costs in San Bernardino, CA:
    • Oven heating element replacement: $150 – $300
    • Igniter replacement: $150 – $250
    • Thermostat replacement: $100 – $200
    • Gas range repair (igniters, burners, valves): $100 – $400
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2. Dishwashers:

  • Common Repairs:
    • Leaking dishwasher: Leaky seals, hoses, or a malfunctioning pump can cause water leakage.
    • Poor cleaning: Clogged spray arms, filters, or water inlet valve issues may result in inadequate cleaning.
    • Noisy operation: A noisy dishwasher may require repairs to the motor or pump.
  • Estimated Professional Repair Costs in San Bernardino, CA:
    • Seal and hose replacement: $100 – $200
    • Pump replacement: $150 – $300
    • Water inlet valve replacement: $100 – $200
    • Spray arm or filter replacement: $50 – $100

3. Washing Machines and Dryers:

  • Common Repairs:
    • Washer not draining: Clogged drain pumps, hoses, or a faulty lid switch can cause draining issues.
    • Dryer not heating: Problems with the heating element, thermostat, or thermal fuse can result in no heat.
    • Washing machine vibrations: Unbalanced loads, worn-out shock absorbers, or a damaged drum can lead to excessive vibrations.
  • Estimated Professional Repair Costs in San Bernardino, CA:
    • Washer drain pump replacement: $100 – $200
    • Dryer heating element replacement: $100 – $200
    • Washer lid switch replacement: $50 – $100
    • Washing machine drum or shock absorber repair: $100 – $300
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4. Refrigerators:

  • Common Repairs:
    • Refrigerator not cooling: Faulty compressors, evaporator fans, or thermostat issues can lead to inadequate cooling.
    • Leaking refrigerator: Clogged defrost drain, damaged water inlet valve, or faulty gaskets can cause leaks.
    • Noisy operation: Loud noises may indicate problems with the condenser fan, evaporator fan, or compressor.
  • Estimated Professional Repair Costs in San Bernardino, CA:
    • Compressor replacement: $300 – $800
    • Evaporator fan replacement: $100 – $200
    • Water inlet valve replacement: $100 – $200
    • Gasket replacement: $50 – $150

Please note that these cost estimates are approximate and can vary based on the brand, model, and specific issues with your appliance. It’s recommended to contact local appliance repair professionals in San Bernardino, CA, for accurate quotes based on your unique situation.

DIY Appliance Repair

Here are common DIY repair problems along with instructions for each of the following appliances, but always remember that if you are not comfortable with a DIY repair, it’s best to reach out to a qualified appliance repair company in San Bernardino, California:

1. Dishwashers:

  • Common Problem: Dishwasher Not Draining Properly
  • DIY Fix:
    • Start by turning off the dishwasher’s power and water supply.
    • Remove the bottom rack and access the drain filter, which is usually located at the bottom of the dishwasher.
    • Check for debris, food particles, or foreign objects clogging the filter and drain. Clean it thoroughly.
    • Inspect the drain hose for kinks or blockages and clear them if necessary.
    • Reassemble the components and test the dishwasher. If it still doesn’t drain, consider professional help as there may be a pump or motor issue.
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2. Refrigerators:

  • Common Problem: Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly
  • DIY Fix:
    • First, unplug the refrigerator from the power source.
    • Check the condenser coils located at the back or underneath the fridge. If they are covered in dust and dirt, use a vacuum cleaner or a coil brush to clean them.
    • Ensure that the vents inside the fridge and freezer compartments are not blocked by food items or ice buildup. Clear any obstructions.
    • Adjust the thermostat settings to a cooler temperature if needed.
    • Wait for a few hours to see if the fridge starts cooling. If the issue persists, it might require professional attention, possibly for compressor or thermostat replacement.

3. Washing Machines:

  • Common Problem: Washer Not Draining Properly
  • DIY Fix:
    • Unplug the washing machine and turn off the water supply.
    • Locate the drain pump filter, typically located at the front or bottom of the machine.
    • Place a shallow container or towels beneath the filter to catch any water.
    • Open the filter access panel and carefully remove the filter cap. Be prepared for water to flow out.
    • Check for debris, lint, or foreign objects clogging the filter. Clean it thoroughly.
    • Reassemble the components, ensuring the filter is securely in place.
    • Plug the washer back in, turn on the water supply, and run a test cycle. If it still doesn’t drain, professional assistance may be necessary, possibly for pump or hose repairs.

Remember that safety should always be a priority when attempting DIY repairs, and if you have any doubts or concerns, it’s advisable to contact a qualified appliance repair company in San Bernardino to ensure your appliance is repaired correctly and safely.

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