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Welcome to Expert Appliance Repair, your trusted source for all your appliance repair needs in Newark, New Jersey. We understand that appliances play a vital role in your daily life, and when they break down, it can be frustrating and inconvenient. That’s where we come in – to provide you with valuable information, tips, and connections to reliable appliance repair professionals in your area.

Here’s how Expert Appliance Repair can assist you:

  1. DIY Solutions: We believe in empowering our community with knowledge. On our website, you’ll find a wealth of do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions and handy tips to help you troubleshoot and repair common appliance issues. Whether it’s a malfunctioning oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer, or refrigerator, we have the guidance you need to tackle the problem yourself.
  2. Cost Estimates: Appliance repair costs can vary widely depending on the type of appliance and the extent of the repair needed. We provide comprehensive information on typical appliance repair costs, so you can make informed decisions about whether to repair or replace your appliances. This transparency ensures you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected expenses.
  3. Local Connections: Finding a reliable appliance repair professional can be challenging. We simplify the process by connecting you with trusted experts near you in Newark, NJ. Our network of professionals is experienced in repairing a wide range of appliance brands, including Amana, Electrolux, GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, JennAir, and Maytag.
  4. Common Appliance Repairs: We specialize in addressing the most common appliance issues that homeowners encounter. From fixing ovens that won’t heat to resolving dishwasher leaks, addressing washer and dryer problems, and tackling refrigerator cooling issues, we’ve got you covered. No matter the appliance or brand, we have the expertise to guide you through the repair process.
  5. Local Expertise: Our knowledge and services are tailored to the specific needs of Newark, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We understand the unique challenges that come with maintaining appliances in this region, from climate-related issues to local regulations.
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At Expert Appliance Repair, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your appliances running smoothly and efficiently. We’re your go-to resource for DIY solutions, cost insights, and connecting with top-notch appliance repair professionals in Newark, NJ. Don’t let appliance troubles disrupt your daily routine – trust us to provide the support and expertise you need to keep your household running smoothly.

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Common Appliances and Repair Costs by Newark Pros

Here’s detailed information about common appliance repairs in Newark, New Jersey, and estimates on the cost of professional repairs for each of the following products:

Ovens/Ranges: Common Oven/Range Issues in Newark:

  1. Temperature Inaccuracy: Ovens may lose their temperature accuracy over time, leading to uneven cooking or baking.
  2. Ignition Problems: Gas ovens may have issues with ignition, causing difficulty in lighting the pilot or burner.
  3. Broken Elements: Heating elements in electric ovens can break or wear out, resulting in inconsistent heating.

Estimated Repair Costs in Newark:

  • Temperature Sensor Replacement: $100 – $300
  • Ignition System Repair: $150 – $400
  • Heating Element Replacement: $100 – $200
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Dishwashers: Common Dishwasher Issues in Newark:

  1. Not Draining: Dishwashers may fail to drain properly, leaving standing water in the tub.
  2. Loud Noises: Unusual noises during the wash cycle can indicate issues with the motor or pump.
  3. Leaking: Leaks under or around the dishwasher are a common problem that needs attention.

Estimated Repair Costs in Newark:

  • Drain Pump Replacement: $100 – $250
  • Motor or Pump Repair: $150 – $350
  • Fixing Leaks (e.g., seals and gaskets): $80 – $200

Washing Machines and Dryers: Common Washing Machine and Dryer Issues in Newark:

  1. No Spin or Agitation: Washing machines may stop spinning or agitating, affecting the cleaning process.
  2. Dryer Not Heating: Dryers may run but not produce heat, leaving clothes damp.
  3. Loud Noises: Unusual noises during the wash or dry cycle can indicate problems with the motor or drum.

Estimated Repair Costs in Newark:

  • Washing Machine Belt Replacement: $100 – $200
  • Dryer Heating Element Replacement: $100 – $200
  • Motor or Drum Repairs: $150 – $300
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Refrigerators: Common Refrigerator Issues in Newark:

  1. Not Cooling: A refrigerator that doesn’t cool properly can result in food spoilage.
  2. Leaking Water: Water leaks inside or outside the fridge may be due to a clogged drain or damaged water line.
  3. Faulty Compressor: Compressor issues can lead to temperature fluctuations and increased energy consumption.

Estimated Repair Costs in Newark:

  • Refrigerator Compressor Replacement: $300 – $600
  • Fixing Leaks and Drain Cleaning: $100 – $250
  • Thermostat or Defrost Timer Replacement: $50 – $150

Please note that these are estimated costs and can vary depending on the specific problem, the brand of your appliance, and the labor charges of the professional you hire in Newark, NJ. For accurate quotes and to address your appliance issues effectively, we recommend contacting a local appliance repair professional for a thorough assessment.

DIY Appliance Repair

Here’s one common problem for each of the following appliances that can often be fixed as a DIY repair, along with instructions on how to do it:

Dishwasher – Common Problem: Dishwasher Not Draining Properly

DIY Fix:

  1. Start by turning off the dishwasher and disconnecting it from the power source.
  2. Remove the bottom rack to access the dishwasher’s interior.
  3. Check for debris or food particles clogging the drain filter or drain pump. Remove any obstructions you find.
  4. If there is still standing water, use a wet-dry vacuum to suction out the water from the bottom of the dishwasher.
  5. Remove the drain hose and check for clogs. Clean or replace the hose if necessary.
  6. Reassemble the dishwasher, ensuring all parts are securely in place.
  7. Turn the power back on and run a short cycle to test if the issue is resolved.
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Refrigerator – Common Problem: Refrigerator Not Cooling Properly

DIY Fix:

  1. First, unplug the refrigerator from the electrical outlet.
  2. Check the condenser coils located either at the back or underneath the fridge. Dust and dirt can accumulate on these coils, affecting cooling efficiency. Use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to clean them thoroughly.
  3. Ensure that the refrigerator’s temperature settings are correctly adjusted. The ideal temperature for the fridge is around 37°F (3°C).
  4. Inspect the door seals (gaskets) for any damage or gaps. Replace them if necessary to maintain a proper seal.
  5. If you have a freezer, make sure it’s not packed too tightly, as this can obstruct airflow.
  6. Plug the refrigerator back in and allow it to cool for a few hours. Check if the cooling problem is resolved.

Washing Machine – Common Problem: Washing Machine Not Draining or Spinning

DIY Fix:

  1. Turn off and unplug the washing machine.
  2. Empty the washer of any clothes and water.
  3. Locate and remove the access panel or the front bottom panel of the washing machine, depending on the model.
  4. Check the drain pump filter, usually located behind the access panel. Unscrew it carefully and remove any debris or foreign objects.
  5. Inspect the drain hose for clogs or kinks. Straighten the hose if needed.
  6. Reassemble the filter and access panel.
  7. Plug the washing machine back in and run a short drain and spin cycle to test if it’s working properly.

Remember, if you’re not comfortable with these DIY repairs or if the problem persists, it’s always advisable to reach out to a qualified appliance repair company in Newark, NJ. They have the expertise and tools to handle more complex issues and ensure your appliances are in optimal working condition. Your safety is a top priority, so never attempt repairs that you’re not confident in performing.

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119 Wright St, Newark, NJ 07114

First Choice Appliance Repair

275 Park Ave, Newark, NJ 07107

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