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Common Appliances and Repair Costs by Killeen Pros

Here’s detailed information about common appliance repairs in Killeen, Texas, along with estimated costs for professional repairs for each of the following products:


Common Oven and Range Issues in Killeen:

  1. Temperature Inaccuracy: Ovens may have trouble maintaining accurate temperatures, leading to uneven cooking.
  2. Burner Problems: Gas or electric burners can become clogged or malfunction, affecting cooking efficiency.
  3. Ignition Issues: Gas ovens may experience difficulties igniting or staying lit.
  4. Door Seal Leaks: A damaged door seal can cause heat loss and affect cooking results.

Estimated Repair Costs in Killeen:

  • Temperature Sensor Replacement: $100 – $300
  • Burner Replacement: $50 – $150 per burner
  • Igniter Replacement: $150 – $250
  • Door Seal Replacement: $50 – $150
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Common Dishwasher Issues in Killeen:

  1. Poor Cleaning: If dishes aren’t coming out clean, it may indicate issues with water pressure or spray arms.
  2. Leaking: Leaks can occur from damaged hoses, valves, or seals.
  3. Not Draining: A dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly may have a clogged pump or drain line.
  4. Noisy Operation: Unusual noises may stem from worn-out motors or components.

Estimated Repair Costs in Killeen:

  • Cleaning Spray Arm Replacement: $50 – $100
  • Hose and Valve Replacement: $100 – $200
  • Drain Pump Replacement: $150 – $250
  • Motor Replacement: $200 – $400

Washing Machines and Dryers:

Common Washing Machine and Dryer Issues in Killeen:

  1. Washing Machine Leaks: Leaking can result from damaged hoses, pumps, or tubs.
  2. Washer Not Agitating or Spinning: Problems with the motor, belt, or lid switch may cause this.
  3. Dryer Not Heating: This could be due to a faulty heating element, thermostat, or thermal fuse.
  4. Excessive Noise: Unusual noises may indicate worn-out belts, rollers, or idler pulleys.

Estimated Repair Costs in Killeen:

  • Hose and Pump Replacement (Washing Machine): $100 – $200
  • Motor Replacement (Washing Machine): $150 – $300
  • Heating Element Replacement (Dryer): $100 – $200
  • Belt and Roller Replacement (Dryer): $50 – $150
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Common Refrigerator Issues in Killeen:

  1. Temperature Fluctuations: Refrigerators may struggle to maintain consistent temperatures.
  2. Leaking Water: Water leaks can occur due to clogged drains or damaged water lines.
  3. No Cooling: A refrigerator not cooling properly may have a faulty compressor or thermostat.
  4. Strange Noises: Unusual noises may stem from malfunctioning fans or motors.

Estimated Repair Costs in Killeen:

  • Thermostat Replacement: $100 – $200
  • Compressor Replacement: $300 – $600
  • Drain Line Cleaning: $50 – $100
  • Fan Motor Replacement: $100 – $200

Please note that these are estimated costs, and actual repair costs may vary based on the brand, model, and specific issue with your appliance. It’s always recommended to obtain quotes from local professionals for accurate pricing in Killeen, TX.

DIY Appliance Repair

Here’s one common DIY repair for each of the following appliances, along with instructions on how to address the issue:

Dishwashers – Unclogging the Drainage System:

Problem: Your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, causing water to accumulate at the bottom.

DIY Solution:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher: Ensure it’s unplugged or the circuit breaker is turned off.
  2. Remove the bottom rack: Pull out the lower dish rack to access the drain area.
  3. Locate the drain filter: This is typically located at the bottom of the dishwasher, beneath the spray arm.
  4. Remove any debris: Clear away food particles, debris, or foreign objects that may be clogging the drain. You can use a towel or sponge to soak up any standing water.
  5. Check the drain hose: Ensure the drain hose is not kinked or obstructed. Detach it from the dishwasher and sink drain, if possible, to clear any blockages.
  6. Reassemble and test: After cleaning the drain filter and hose, reassemble the dishwasher components and run a short cycle to see if it drains properly.
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Refrigerators – Fixing a Leaky Refrigerator:

Problem: You notice water pooling inside or around your refrigerator.

DIY Solution:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator: Ensure it’s disconnected from the power source to avoid electrical hazards.
  2. Locate the source of the leak: Check for condensation or ice buildup in the freezer. If the leak is from the freezer, it’s likely a blocked defrost drain.
  3. Clear the defrost drain: Remove any ice or debris blocking the defrost drain hole in the freezer. You may need to use a hairdryer to melt ice.
  4. Check the water supply line: If the leak is near the back of the fridge, inspect the water supply line for any cracks or loose connections.
  5. Clean the drip pan: The drip pan is usually located beneath the fridge. Check and clean it to prevent future leaks.
  6. Reassemble and monitor: Plug the refrigerator back in, and closely monitor it for any new leaks. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to a professional.

Washing Machines – Replacing a Worn Drive Belt:

Problem: Your washing machine’s drum isn’t spinning, and you suspect a worn-out drive belt.

DIY Solution:

  1. Unplug the washing machine: Ensure it’s disconnected from the power source for safety.
  2. Access the drive belt: Depending on your washing machine’s design, you may need to remove the front or rear panel to access the drive belt.
  3. Inspect the belt: If the belt is loose, cracked, or damaged, it likely needs replacement.
  4. Remove the old belt: Release tension from the belt, and carefully slide it off the pulleys.
  5. Install the new belt: Position the new drive belt onto the pulleys according to your washing machine’s diagram or manual.
  6. Reassemble and test: Reattach the panel and plug in the washing machine. Run a short cycle to ensure the drum spins properly with the new belt.

Always exercise caution when performing DIY appliance repairs, and if you’re not comfortable or confident in your abilities, don’t hesitate to contact a qualified appliance repair company in Killeen, TX, to ensure the safety and functionality of your appliances. Your safety should always be a top priority.

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