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  3. Connect with Professionals: If you decide that professional help is the way to go, we can help you connect with experienced appliance repair professionals in Fort Collins, CO. We have a network of trusted experts who can efficiently diagnose and fix issues with your appliances.
  4. Common Appliance Repairs: Our expertise covers a wide range of household appliances, including ovens, dishwashers, washer and dryers, and refrigerators. We understand the unique challenges each appliance presents and can guide you through the repair process.
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At Expert Appliance Repair, our mission is to simplify the appliance repair process for residents of Fort Collins, CO. We aim to empower you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your appliance repairs. Whether you’re looking for DIY solutions or professional assistance, you can count on us to be your reliable partner in appliance repair. Explore our website to access valuable resources and connect with experts who can get your appliances back in working order. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Common Appliances and Repair Costs by Fort Collins Pros

Here’s detailed information about common appliance repairs in Fort Collins, Colorado, and estimated costs for professional repairs for each of the following products:


  • Common Repairs: Ovens and ranges often face issues such as uneven heating, temperature calibration problems, faulty igniters, broken heating elements, or malfunctioning thermostats.
  • Estimated Repair Cost: In Fort Collins, CO, professional oven and range repairs typically range from $100 to $400, depending on the complexity of the issue and the replacement parts required.
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  • Common Repairs: Dishwashers can experience problems like clogged drains, leaky hoses, malfunctioning pumps, or issues with the spray arm. In some cases, the dishwasher might not be cleaning dishes effectively.
  • Estimated Repair Cost: Professional dishwasher repairs in Fort Collins generally cost between $150 and $350, depending on the specific problem and the need for replacement parts.

Washing Machines and Dryers:

  • Common Repairs (Washing Machines): Washing machines may require repairs for issues such as leaks, drainage problems, faulty agitators, or malfunctioning timers.
  • Common Repairs (Dryers): Dryers can experience issues with heating elements, thermostats, belts, or motors.
  • Estimated Repair Cost (Washing Machines): In Fort Collins, repairing a washing machine typically costs between $150 and $350, depending on the nature of the problem.
  • Estimated Repair Cost (Dryers): Professional dryer repairs in Fort Collins generally range from $100 to $300, depending on the specific issue and any necessary part replacements.
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  • Common Repairs: Refrigerators may need repairs for problems such as a malfunctioning thermostat, compressor issues, leaky pipes, or a broken ice maker.
  • Estimated Repair Cost: Repairing a refrigerator in Fort Collins can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 or more, depending on the complexity of the repair, the type of refrigerator, and the need for replacement components.

Please note that these estimated costs are approximate and can vary based on factors such as the severity of the problem, the brand and model of the appliance, and the rates of the appliance repair professional you choose in Fort Collins. It’s essential to obtain a specific quote from a local appliance repair service to get an accurate estimate for your appliance repair needs.

DIY Appliance Repair

Here are common DIY fixes for each of the following appliances, along with instructions:

Dishwashers – Common DIY Fix: Unclogging the Dishwasher Drain:

  • Instructions:
    1. Turn off the dishwasher and unplug it from the power source for safety.
    2. Remove the bottom rack to access the dishwasher’s drain area.
    3. Inspect the drain area for debris, food particles, or objects that may be obstructing the drain.
    4. Use a flashlight and a pair of long-nose pliers to carefully remove any visible clogs.
    5. Clean the dishwasher filter and remove any debris.
    6. Reassemble the dishwasher, plug it back in, and run a short cycle to test if the drainage issue is resolved.
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Refrigerators – Common DIY Fix: Unclogging the Condenser Coils:

  • Instructions:
    1. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source.
    2. Locate the condenser coils, which are typically either on the back or underneath the fridge.
    3. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or a coil brush to gently remove dust and debris from the coils.
    4. Ensure the coils are completely clean and free of obstructions.
    5. Plug the refrigerator back in and monitor if it cools more efficiently.

Washing Machines – Common DIY Fix: Unclogging the Washing Machine Drain:

  • Instructions:
    1. Turn off the washing machine and unplug it from the electrical outlet.
    2. Place a bucket or towels beneath the machine to catch any water that may spill out.
    3. Locate the washing machine’s drain pump filter, usually located behind a small access door on the front or bottom of the machine.
    4. Open the access door and carefully unscrew the filter cap.
    5. Remove any debris, lint, or foreign objects that may be clogging the filter.
    6. Clean the filter thoroughly, ensuring there are no obstructions.
    7. Reassemble the filter cap, close the access door, plug in the machine, and run a short cycle to test for proper drainage.

Reminder: If you are not comfortable with a DIY repair or if the issue persists after attempting the fix, it is always advisable to reach out to a qualified appliance repair company in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have the expertise and tools to address more complex problems and ensure the safety and functionality of your appliances. Your safety and the proper functioning of your appliances are our top priorities.

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Reliable Appliance Repair Companies in Fort Collins, CO

Below is a list of reliable appliance repair companies located in or near Fort Collins, Colorado. Reach out to them directly, or contact us to compare quotes today.

Bob’s Appliance Service

225 Smokey St, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Maggie’s Sewing & Vacuum, LLC

1737 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Stove Shop Inc

200 N Us Highway 287, Fort Collins, CO 80524

Mr Appliance

1928 Timberline Ln, Fort Collins, CO 80525

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